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Easy Perfect Eyebrows

Easy Perfect Eyebrows

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Always struggling to get your eyebrows neat and on fleek?


This Adjustable Eyebrow Stencil Shaper is a must-have makeup tool for symmetrical eyebrow shaping in just 2 minutes, even if you are still a beginner to makeup. 

Achieve the perfect & natural-looking, bold brows by simply setting the adjustable arch to your desired shape in hard-angled, soft-angled or flat eyebrows. It helps to accurately position in eyebrow shaping, and style your brows like a pro with no failures.


  • Easy & Symmetrical Eyebrow Shaping :
    A very quick and easy way to get both of your eyebrows in the same shape in just 2 minutes with no failures
  • 3-in-1 Styling Tool :
    For beginners to shape perfect hard-angled, soft-angled or flat eyebrows like professional make-up artists
  • Adjustable Arch :
    Accurately position in eyebrow shaping and get perfect yet natural eyebrows easily
  • Multi-functional :
    Not only for eyebrow makeup, but also a template for trimming and grooming your eyebrows
  1. Choose your desired eyebrow style.
  2. Place the buttonhole on eyebrow stencil. 
  3. Put the eyebrow stencil template on your eyebrow. Adjust and bend the stencil in order to fit in your face. 
  4. Design and shape your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder with a brush to lightly fill in the stencil.



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